1) To Populate the Kingdom of God, while at the same time depopulating the devil’s kingdom.

2) To take the Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the very ends of the earth.

3) To heal the sick and broken-hearted.

4) To show and teach every child of God their Kingdom Right.

5) To train every believer on how to warfare against the enemy and conquer.

6) For every Believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit with
speaking in tongues as evidence and to do exploits for God’s kingdom.

7) To enlighten every believer on the Authority they have and how to possess their possessions.

8) To carry the Fire of God wherever you go and to be a light that stands out always.

9) Teach on how to use the Word of God Effectively, Efficiently and Authoritatively with Signs and Wonders following.

10) To live a Holy Life, that is acceptable to the Lord.

11) For every believer to be able to Do-It-themselves after being Equipped, by the Holy Spirit and Church.

12) To use every medium available to win the lost at any cost.