SUNDAY SERVICE (Christmas Party)


2 - 4 Rathgar Road. Brixton. London. SW9 7EL

Powerful Worship, Soul Moving Songs, Undiluted Word.

From 10.00 am until 2.00pm

At Body of Christ Christian Centre

2 - 4 Rathgar Road. Brixton. London. SW9 7EL


Join us as we all celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For unto us a saviour is born.

We are an International church for all Nations, catering for the spiritual need of individuals and satisfying the hunger and thirst of the children of God. It is a place where God is made Known, Jesus is Glorified and the Holy Spirit is Manifested. We preach Christ and Him crucified, resurrected andĀ lives forever more.

Every service is fired up by the Holy Spirit, powered by Jesus Christ and driven by God. So be ready for a life changing and unforgettable experience in the Lord. You cannot afford therefore to missĀ our SUNDAY SERVICE.


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